Why Do Attractive Women Get Cheated On The Most?

A common question people ask whether in their minds or out loud is, “Why do men cheat on pretty girls?” After some conversations on the subject and some deep thoughts about it, it caused me to ponder on it. Why DO men cheat on attractive women? How come there are so many normal – “uglier” women who seem to be in happier relationships with faithful men?

One of the main reasons attractive women get cheated on so much is that attractive women attract the most men who care solely about looks. This is a huge contributing factor because a lot of attractive women are lazy, or feel they might be too good to approach a man, so they pick the man to have a relationship with out of the guys who have already approached them. Basically choosing the best out of the worst.

Sometimes you have to make an effort to get the better guys. Good guys are not truly infatuated with looks and will not chase a girl just because he sees other guys are doing it. He will not be a woman’s groupie.

As women we sometimes like to think that every guy we should talk to or build a relationship with should approach us or chase us down. This is not true and is what can cause difficulties when it comes to finding the right guy who will be faithful.

One of the other big reasons is that some ladies would rather be with a gorgeous, arrogant guy who treats them like crap then be with a decent looking man who would treat her right and give her the world. Looks are not everything; just because he looks good doesn’t mean he is right for you!

The point I’m trying to make to women is to stop being so lazy. You don’t have to choose the guy you want to be with out of the guys who approach you, also just because a guy asks you for your number, doesn’t mean you need to give it to him. Good things come with patience and work so put some effort into the next guy you decide to be with and see how big of a difference it can make.


~ by letmeenlightenyou on July 12, 2010.

10 Responses to “Why Do Attractive Women Get Cheated On The Most?”

  1. I love this! it makes alot of sense!

  2. you wanna go to school for nursing? Naw, you need to be where journalism is at. Big ups to my lil homie. Keep it up, it’s nice hearing a different insight.

  3. Men cheat on pretty girls because we can, a lot of times the two people that are in a relationship do not have much in common and the man gets bored and start looking elsewhere for a deeper connection besides physical attraction. Personally in tiger woods case I think he never loved his wife that’s why he slept with so many women and dream is just an idot she just had his baby so if I’m in his situation cheating is the last thing ony mind I would be too busy making sure my wife and baby is ok. On a personal note I would appreciate if you followed me on Twitter kingofphilly 81 and I took a pic of myself with my I phone if you can tell me how to get that on so you can see how handsome I am that’s would be cool. Until next time
    keep blogging and doing your thing

  4. There is Actually a quite simple explanation. Beautiful Women are attracted to superficial assholes.

  5. BTW.. This is a really good blog. Definitely the truth. I definitely do not chase women…. man this thing is on point. Good Job.

  6. Madddd true! That’s why I NEVER go for the hottest women… This is super super real

  7. Glad you wrote this… I wrote something similar to this on my blog. You hit it right on the head when you said women are lazy and pick the best out of the worst. Another reason is because pretty women feel like they “can’t” be played or not supposed to be played so they never see it coming unfortunately. Then they end up a heartbroken wreck. Sad but true. But I loved this. Good job.

  8. I agree with you on this; but like another reader said…men do cheat because they can. With the surplus of women who outnumber men, a lot of guys feel like it’s ok. Trifling men have the attitude that, no matter how good looking a woman is, if she’s not doing what he feels she’s supposed to…that gives him the right to go out and cheat. This is not right by any means…it’s just how it is..

  9. Although I don’t quite agree with you, I thought this was an interesting perspective, nice work!

  10. This is so true. I have been trying to explain this to people but couldn’t really articulate it in a way that’s understandable from a woman’s perspective. Very nice blog.

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